Promiscuity is not just 'human' , even animals indulge in it!

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New York, Mar 18 (UNI) Promiscuity, infidelity and unfaithfulness can't just be attributed to humans, even animals do it! It would be bit shocking but true that sexual promiscuity is rampant throughout nature, and true faithfulness a fond fantasy for many species, perhaps including humans.

Reporting in the journal Animal Behaviour, researchers from Adam Mickiewicz University and the University of South Bohemia showed that a male shrike bird provisions his mate with so-called nuptial gifts: rodents, lizards, small birds or large insects that he impales on sticks.

But they found when the male shrike hankers after extracurricular sex, he will offer a would-be mistress an even bigger kebab than the ones he gives to his wife -- for the richer the offering, the greater the chance that the female will agree to a fly-by-night fling, the New York Times reports.

Biologists say social monogamy is very rarely accompanied by sexual, or genetic, monogamy. Whether of birds, voles, lesser apes, foxes or any other pair-bonding species, and anywhere from 10 to 70 per cent will prove to have been sired by somebody other than the resident male. Earlier , a research had shown that payment for sex also exists among macaques.


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