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Mumbai, Mar 18: launched the first of its kind service in India today by launching business jet charter services for small and medium businesses.

This timely, on demand, exclusive and profitable service will allow to just take to the air and further on in your business without any hassles. The service is available for Indian as well as international businesses and locations. "We are starting an era of affordable, private and exclusive aviation for Small and Medium Businesses. Business executives need exclusivity to attend their business meetings. Meetings are time critical," said Atul Khekade, CEO of

Previously such exclusivity and service was available to only big business enterprises.

With the booming Indian economy, the number of small and medium enterprises or SMEs, are increasing.

In most economies, smaller enterprises are much greater in number. They comprise approximately 99 per cent of all firms and employ between them about 65 million people.

In many sectors, SMEs are also responsible for driving innovation and competition. But the luxury of travelling through their own private charter is not affordable to them.

Airnetz offers this matchless service to SMEs which gives them a chance to choose their own travel time as per their convenience which was previously not possible. Airnetz services all airports nationwide.

Besides that it also offers private jet charter service to international locations like UK, Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia and China.

"Client convenience is our primary focus. Here you can make your own decision on what time you want to choose without actually being concerned about the time, the airline or the service they offer," said Ritesh Kakkad, Airnetz Co-Founder.

Airnetz also brings aerial joyrides to Mumbai for the first time. Helicopter rides are only available in world-class cities like Las Vegas and San Francisco.

But now through Airnetz we bring this service to Mumbai. Fares for the helicopter rides start at as low as Rs. 12,500 per person.

"It would be a sheer feast for your eyes to marvel at the colours and the heritage of the city known as a melange of different cultures," said Atul Khekade.

Besides this, Airnetz also offers a helicopter tour of forts near Mumbai.


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