Napolean complex: Tall insecurity comes with short height

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London, Mar 13 (UNI) It is said to have spurred Hitler, motivated Napoleon and driven Stalin to lust for power and control-- ''the short man syndrome''.

The will to dominate through aggression comes with a short height, scientists have stated.

The latest scientific research provides a proof for the short man syndrome, claiming shorter men were more likely to be jealous husbands and boyfriends than their taller counterparts.

Researchers conducted a study involving 100 men and 100 women about their current relationships. It was revealed that shorter men were far more likely to be jealous than taller ones.

Lead researcher Abraham Buunk said very short and very tall women tended to be more jealous and women of approximately average height were the least jealous.

In another study, 119 male and 230 female students were asked to tell how jealous they would be if their girlfriend or boyfriend was flirting with a stranger.

Again, taller men were the least jealous, and short men the most, New Scientist reported.

The findings reflected insecurities among those who were not society's 'ideal' height.

Previous studies have shown that taller men get more replies to dating adverts, have more physically attractive partners and have more children. Taller men also seem to do better in their careers.

Given the association between height and attractiveness, partners of taller males may have fewer reasons to cheat, reducing the need for mate-guarding and jealously, the authors say.

Moreover, given the association between height and dominance, taller males may more successfully deter rivals, reducing the need for mate-guarding and jealousy.


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