Tibetan women baton charged outside Chinese Embassy in Delhi

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New Delhi, Mar 12 : Tibetan women tried to storm the Chinese Embassy here on Wednesday but were restrained by the police through a mild baton charge.

The women were demanding complete independence for Tibet and protesting against the arrest of exiled Tibetans.

Exiled Tibetans claim that Tibet and China are two separate countries, and have been protesting against Chinese rule and suppression.

On March 12 1959, thousands of Tibetan women led by Kunsang had gathered in Lhasa to protest against China's occupation of Tibet.

"This is a very significant day in the history of Tibet where a number of women staged a mass demonstration in Lhasa and several of them were killed while demonstrating for complete independence of Tibet. The reason why we are storming the Chinese Embassy today is to pay respect and tribute to those women who made sacrifices during the uprising in 12 March 1959," said Tensing Norsang, Secretary, Tibetan Youth Congress.

The demonstrators also released a charter of demands at today's protest.

"We have four demands, first complete independence, second no violation of human rights in Tibet, Third no Olympics in Beijing until Tibet is free and the fourth and the most important one stop genocide in Tibet," said Tensing Yangzom, Organising Secretary, Tibetan Youth Congress.

In 1950, Chinese troops had marched into Tibet. Nine years later in 1959, thousands of Tibetans took to the streets of Lhasa to protest against China's invasion and occupation of their country. One week later, the Dalai Lama fled into exile to India along with thousands of followers and supporters.

In the months following his escape, hundreds of Tibetans were killed as Chinese troops brutally crushed the uprising.

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