British mother writes to PM to break police-drug nexus in Goa

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Panaji, Mar 12 (UNI) The mother of the British minor girl, who was allegedly raped and murdered on North Goa's Anjuna beach last month, today wrote a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, seeking a probe for breaking of the police-drug nexus in Goa.

The victim Scarlette Eden Keeling's mother Fiona Mackeown in her letter blamed the police of misleading the investigation.

The copies of the letter were marked to the Union Home Minister, Women and Child Development Minister and Tourism Minister, besides the Chairman of National Human Rights Commission, Chairperson of National Commission for Women and Goa Chief Secretary.

Following is the text of the letter.

''My name is Fiona Mackeown. I am a British National and mother of Scarlett Eden Keeling. I had arrived in Goa on a holiday with seven of my children on the November 22, 2007.

In mid December, My daughter was befriended by an Indian National, by the Name of Julio Lobo, a resident of Goa. He turned this friendship into a working relationship with my daughter within weeks of knowing her.

For my subsequent travel down the west coast of India, Julio and his two aunts had offered and assured to take care of my daughter, while the rest of the family was travelling down the Coast line, south of Goa.

My daughter was murdered in Goa on the morning of February 18.

The locals were aware of the circumstances leading to her murder and had not only informed me, but also the local police.

From the information I have gathered, and the documented events that have occurred, it seems quite clear that there is a strong drug mafia on the coast of Anjuna. These men have criminally violated a number of persons and on their instructions, the police and the administration refuse to acknowledge such crimes in their records.

In case of Homicide, this criminal nexus instructs the police to record the death as a case of drowning or overdose. This has been the case with my daughter. She was brutally assaulted and murdered in the presence of witnesses on the morning of February 18.

The police fabricated the panchnama and declared it as a case of death due to drowning. Despite my written request to the Director General of Police on February 22, about my convictions of foul play, he has repeatedly, in his public statements, announced directly and through his officers, that this was nothing but a case of death due to drowning and all affirmations made by me to the contrary had no substance.

It was only on my request for a second autopsy, that the glaring evidence of murder and the lies of the police officers, came on record.

I, as a mother, do not understand why glaring evidence for murder, needs to be ignored by the Director General of Police.

I do not understand : What is the nexus between these criminals and the police? Who are these criminals who have raped and murdered my daughter? How could such criminals have so much control over the administration, that despite being in possession of the facts on record and such huge media pressure, the administration tried its best to hush up the death as a simple case of drowning? Why has the administration still not taken any action on this Nexus between the criminals, the police and some politicians? The Goa Administration, which had repeatedly announced that this was just a case of death due to drowning, is now relenting only to the extent of treating it as a case of murder.

They have not even acknowledged the existence of the visible nexus between the criminals, who have murdered my daughter, and the men in uniform who have tried their best to cover it up by lying to me and the media.

I have no faith in the leadership of the Goa Police. I am certain, that they would try their best to implicate somebody, treat the crime in isolation, while ignoring the larger and more important matter of this criminal nexus.

I understand that my request to the chief minister, for an inquiry by the centre into this case, has been turned down.

I pray that the Government of India, in the interest of justice, takes adequate steps to acknowledge, identify and prosecute the members of this criminal nexus.

Yours Sincerely, Fiona Mackeown.'' UNI BM SR SP RK2220

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