Japan concerned over Chinese Navy build-up in Indian Ocean

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New Delhi, Mar 11 (UNI) Japan is very much concerned at the alarming build-up by the Chinese Navy in the Indian Ocean and its military presence in Asian countries like Pakistan and Myanmar, Japanese Defence analysts said here today.

Participating in a seminar organised by the Observer Research Foundation (ORF) here, Marie Yoshioka Izuyama and Eiichi Katahara of the National Institute for Defence Studies, Tokyo, said Japan is also planning to strengthen its Missile Defence Capabilities to counter possible missile threats from North Korea.

Prof Katahara, giving a presentation on 'Japan towards a 'normal state: Implications for Asia Pacific' warned that if North Korea launches a missile attack against Japan, then it would be the ''end of the Kim Jong II regime.'' He said Japan has a very good intelligence gathering capability, which would give enough time to his country and the US to retaliate appropriately.

Prof Katahara said there is also a big debate going on in his country whether to go for the nuclear umbrella being offered by its ally, the United States, to counter the North Korean nuclear threat.

Replying to a question, he said there was no strategic change in the US position towards denuclearisation of North Korea.

''The United State's direct talks with North Korea only indicate a tactical shift in its policy of denuclearisation of North Korea.

There is no strategic shift in the US position,'' he said.

The Japanese professors noted that as part of becoming a ''normal state,'' the Japan Defence Authority (JSA) had now been (since January last year) transformed into a full-fledged Ministry of Defence with powers to bring in its own legislations to Diet (Parliament).

''It has been turned into a political agency from the management agency,'' Prof Katahara said.

He said in forging a new security order, led by the US, Japan has to see that the US do not commit mistakes like it did in Iraq. ''It is very important for Japan being its ally,'' he noted.

Prof Katahara said the other international security order, which Japan would prefer is East Asia Security Community in which Japan would play a major role.


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