BJP, CPI-M members clash in Rajya Sabha

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New Delhi, Mar 11 (UNI) The Rajya Sabha came to a grinding halt for some time today as the counter attacks between CPI-M and BJP workers in various parts of the country had reverberations in the House.

Ms Brinda Karat raised the issue of politics of intollerance through ''coward attacks'' on the CPI-M offices in Hyderabad, Uttaranchal and Nagarcoil and other places and charged the BJP of provocation sitting in Delhi by justifying the attacks.

There was stiff resistance from the BJP benches particularly Mr Vinay Katiyar and Rudranath Pani taking strong exception to Ms Karat making direct references at the BJP leaders.

Ms Karat said, ''these are the people who talk big of internal security but they themselves practice politics of intollerance in real live.'' The entire CPI-M MPs were on their feet when it was the turn of Mr M Venkaiah Naidu, BJP. He said he was surprised at the way the CPI-M was trying to 'twist facts'.

Prof P J Kurian had a tough time bringing order in the House and said the CPI-M should allow the other side to place their viewpoints. I heard Mr Chatterjee, CPI-M MP asking a pertinent question if Mr Naidu has given a notice.

When Ms Karat holds a section of the MPs directly responsible for the attacks against the CPI-M office, than fairness demands that the Chair allow the other side to present their views also, he said.

When Ms Karat and other MPs tried to shout down the proceedings, Mr Kurian said he could not allow the MPs to browbeat the Chair.

''This is not good behaviour. The MPs can't decide who should be allowed to speak. Nothing will be recorded other than Mr Naidu,'' he said.

Mr Naidu on his part condemned the 'Stalist tendency' of the CPI-M resulting in the 'killing and maiming' of scores of non-Marxist political cadres in Kerala. Being in authority West Bengal Chief Minister said the people of Nandigram were paid back in the 'same coin', this is their respect to the 'governance and rule of law', he said. Much of what he said could not be heard in the din.

He accused the CPI-M members of disturbing the proceedings after taking his name. We have the same rights and privileges to represent people in the Parliament. ''In logonka tanashahi nahi chalega'' (their authoritarian behaviour will not be tolerated), he said.

When things became totally out of control Prof Kurian adjourned the House for five minutes.

After the House assembled Mr Naidu attempted to continue his speech but by then Prof Kurian called the name of Mr Prashanta Chatterjee to make Zero Hour reference about the closure of profit making airports in Hyderabad and Bangalore.

The BJP's attempt to revive the discussion proved futile with Prof Kurian asking the BJP to come out with a 'substantive motion' that could be considered or rejected by the Chairman. The party unwillingly complied with the order drawing curtains to a debate that was full of noice and fury.

There were occassions when MPs from both sides tended to walk into the well of the House to disrupt the proceedings, they stopped short of walking into the well probably fearing adjournment of the House.

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