Television shows can affect racial judgements: study

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Washington, Mar 9 (UNI) Couch potataoes better watch out. A new study has revealed that viewers can be influenced by exposure to racial bias in the media, even without realising it.

The research has indicated that stereotype-based processing may occur based on media exposure, even when at a conscious level people try to dismiss what they are seeing as harmless.

TV images not only affected what the viewers thought about minorities, but also led to an us-versus-them mentality, it added.

The study also suggested that when one's own racial group membership was an important part of how they define themselves, then unfavorable television characteristics might be used to boost their own esteem and elevate the status of their group.

Led by Dana Mastro of the University of Arizona, the study exposed participants to television clips where Latinos were portrayed in both flattering and unflattering ways.

First, using a simulated television script, Latinos were presented in a variety of roles which differed in terms of the degree of intelligence and educational attainment associated with the main character.

Next, additional participants were exposed to actual television programming, providing a more valid television viewing experience.

Exposure to stereotypes produced unfavorable effects on the viewers. When the target character was white, no association was made between racial identification and evaluations of the character.

However, with relative consistency, when the target character was Latino, as viewer racial identification increased, perceptions of the character's education and qualifications decreased.

''Just as people can develop their views about others through dialogue and interaction with others in society, the same types of outcomes can emerge based simply on watching television,'' Ms Mastro noted.

''The quality of the images presented on television carries a consequence. Ultimately, even fictional TV content can perpetuate stereotypes which may promote real-world discrimination,'' Sciencedaily quoted her as saying.


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