First 'awake open heart surgery' in Rajkot

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Rajkot, Mar 9: A rare cardiac surgery was performed on 60-year-old man at Wockhardt hospital by Dr Vivek Jawali and Dr Sanjay Mahendra Jain, during which the patient was not given general anaesthesia and remained awake throughout the procedure here. Dr Jawali is Chief Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeon at Bangalore Worchardt Hospital, while Dr Sanjay Mahendra Jain is a consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon. They had also performed minimally invasive awake of Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) closer on a 25-year-old female, Parulben.

Both the operations were performed on March 8. This was the first time the ''awake cardiac surgery'' was done in Saurashtra, Dr Jawali said in a press conference here last evening. Dr Jawali said during the surgery, the patient Jayant Singh was awake and his chest was cracked open and the two grafts were sewn as the heart was continually beating. Dr Jawali said, this was possible because the patient's pain was completely arrested by selectively blocking those nerves, using a strategically placed catheter in the back and continuosly injecting drugs. This is called Cervical Epidural Anaesthesia.Further, he claimed that the success ratio of the survival was 98 per cent, and added that he has performed cardiac surgery on about 100 patients during the span of eight months at the hospital.

In India, the death ratio of the heart disease is four times more than the Europeans, Dr Jain said. In 2002, Dr Jawali had performed the world's first awake open heart surgery, which invovled an aortic valve replacemnt with a triple bypass on a 74-year-old patient. He had many indexed publications and the world's highest experience on this procedure. Dr Jawali is the pioneer of minimally invasive cardiac surgery in India and has performed more that 15,000 surgeries with new techniques. Rajkot Wockhardt Hospital Physician Dr Kamal Parikh was also present in the conference. Dr Parikh said people's lifestyle and eating habits mainly cause the heart trouble. Lack of physical exercise and irregular intake of oily-foods are the main concerns for such disease.


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