Meet the 'Fire God' who can cook food with his brainwaves!

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London, Mar 8 : He doesn't need any fire to cook a fish, for his mind's power is enough. Meet He Tieheng, a mystic who claims that he can cook food only with the power of his mind.

Chinese He Tieheng, who calls himself 'The Fire God', says he uses a technique called Qigong to channel his brainwaves on to food.

"The power of the mind is able to conquer natural forces," The Sun quoted Tieheng as saying.

Tieheng showed a demonstration of how he uses his power to a theatre audience of 7,000 - who said the fish started to smoke and change colour within a minute of him holding it.

Amazed Mei Lee, 29, who was at The Lark Theatre in Guangzhou, China said: "Afterwards he had black soot on his hands where the fish was singed."

Tieheng claimed he could channel "psychopneumatological force", adding: "I once cooked a carp thinking about a gas range belting out 1,000ºC heat."

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