28-inch woman delivers an 18-inch baby!

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London, Mar 4: A woman with just a height of 28 inches has given birth to a girl - more than half her own size.
The 33-year-old mum Stacey has given birth to Makya Herald who measured 18ins when she entered the world. But the tot is predicted to end up an average height - and is already "growing like a weed", said Stacey.

The housewife, whose husband is 5ft 9ins, already has another daughter and believes both are gifts from God. "If you look at my body - 28 inches - and put an 18-inch person into that body, that is physically impossible. It cannot be done. That is why I'm certain my child is nothing short of a miracle," The Sun quoted Stacey, as saying. Stacey has a genetic disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which causes brittle bones and underdeveloped lungs and meant she has failed to grow. Her first daughter, Kateri, has the same condition, but at around 22ins is already almost the same size as Stacey.

Giving birth to her 16 months ago almost killed Stacey. So when she found out she was pregnant for a second time, doctors pleaded with her to have an abortion.

Stacey said: "They said that with the size of my torso, the baby would grow up underneath my lungs and smother out my lungs and my heart and we would both die."

But she went ahead, despite describing the pregnancy as "uncomfortable" as she added 20lb to her tiny 52lb frame.

She said: "I felt like a potato with arms and legs." Stacey, who is in a wheelchair, said she loves being a mum but could not get through it without the help of 25-year-old husband Wil, who is training to be a priest.


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