New Ram Sethu affidavit - old wine in new bottle : VHP

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New Delhi, Mar 3 (UNI) Threatening to turn its peaceful agitation on Ram Sethu into a ''language which the government understands'', the VHP today said the second affidavit of the government was ''old wine in new bottle'' and an insult to the belief of millions of Hindus.

Accusing the government of leaking the fresh affidavit, to be filed on March 5 before the Supreme Court, VHP leader Giriraj Kishore said the new affidavit was the same as it too denied the existence of Ram Sethu which was tantamount to denying Ram's existence.

''The fresh affidavit was nothing new but just a play of words and an insult to the beliefs of Hindus. While the earlier one denied Ram's existence this one denies the existence of Ram Sethu which negated the very existence of Ram and Shiva.'' The new proforma of the affidavit smacks of the same mentality which was reflected in the earlier one and was an insult to the beliefs and faith of millions of Hindus of the country, the VHP leader told the press.

''Out beliefs and faith is our history and our science. Denying or defying them would be denial of our cultural roots and long cherished heritage. Ram is associated with the history and culture of this country whose denial would not be tolerated.'' ''Till now we had protested the attack on our beliefs through democratic means but would not be surprised if we were forced to take another route to meet our sincere concerns,'' he said.

''If the government does not understand the language of peaceful agitation, some of the agitators might stoop to speak the language it understands and which may not be savourable.'' To register the protest on the issue a two-day protest rally of two-wheelers would be organised at the district level all over the country begining tomorrow, he informed, adding that this would be followed by the next level of agitation during the 'sants' meet in a few days.

''The agitation would continue unless the government declares Ram Sethu as a national monument and Rameshwaram as a holy city,'' he added.


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