Drunken Gazza slept in a lift

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London, Mar 1 : Former England football star Paul Gascoigne, who is popularly known as "Gazza", drank so much that he once fell asleep in a hotel lift standing up.

The 40-year-old Gazza was propped up on his feet in one corner while stunned guests travelled to their rooms.

The lift went up and down four times with Gazza snoring in the corner until his best mate Jimmy "Five Bellies" Gardner escorted him to his bed.

"People were pressing the button for the lift and when it came, and when the doors opened there was Gazza, absolutely out of it and fast asleep, but still on his feet," a source said.

The incident happened just before Gazza was sectioned and taken into care, The Sun reported.

At the time he had been staying at the Marriott Hotel in his hometown of Gateshead and downing whiskies.

"He was really drunk and staggered off to the lift to go back to his room. But he didn't make it to his bed before he nodded off. It must have gone up and down four times before Jimmy rescued him," the source said.

"Gazza was drinking a lot but wasn't causing guests or staff any hassle - but things got so bad that he could hardly hold a conversation," he added.

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