'Online Wellbeing Survey' by F-secure

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Helsinki, Feb 29: F-Secure, the global leader in providing security as a service through mobile operators and Internet Service Providers, today announced the results of its first annual Online Wellbeing Survey. This third-party survey of Internet users aged 20-40 in the US, Canada, the UK, France and Germany, tested respondents" knowledge of online security issues (their 'security IQ") and gauged their confidence in the safety of basic online activities.

The results revealed that while most respondents have security software installed on their PCs, many remain unsure that their email is free of malware and other threats. The survey also showed that few consumers realize how frequently their security software"s antivirus definitions need updating, and most respondents revealed a misplaced confidence that their definitions were up-to-date.The survey showed that Internet users in North America and Europe had a basic understanding of online security issues, but still don"t have confidence in the security of basic online activities. While the results revealed similar levels of security knowledge and online confidence across those surveyed, German consumers showed markedly less confidence in the security of e-commerce and online banking than respondents in other markets. German respondents also revealed a significantly better understanding of how frequently anti-virus definitions need to be updated.

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