SC judge calls upon judiciary to protect environment

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New Delhi, Feb 23 (UNI) Former Supreme Court judge and Delimitation Commission Chairman Justice Kuldip Singh today called upon the legal fraternity to take upon themselves a mission to integrate the environment, social and eco systems into one.

Speaking at a seminar here on ''Current Judicial Trends on Environment Law, '' Justice Singh said it was as important to save the natural world as to protect the world for our coming generations. ''The legal fraternity owes it to the nation to help integrate the environment, social and eco systems into one.'' He sought to push for harmony between development and bio-sphere.

''Both can co-exist,'' he said adding, '' A haphazard development is disaster in guise.'' He said development must continue. However, the consequences accompanying it must be borne in mind, he warned adding, ''It is not as if development couldn't be carried out without causing destruction.'' Giving an example of 1972 Stockholm convention he said, a balance between two seemingly antagonistic concepts could be struck. ''It ushers us to a path on which to build a new world.'' Stating that he was fighting for the prosperity of the next generation, he urged to dispel the confusion that he was fighting to stop development.

Another leading environmentalist Sanjay Parikh regretted that the creative interpretations, whether in courts or outside, tended to justify development under the cover of need which, he added, was extension of greed only. It then becomes a function of intellectual activity laying a trap of subterfuge of language, he added.

For example, application of sustainable development is a trap the courts must avoid. More so when the resources can no longer bear any onslaught.

He didn't see any conflict between environment and development.

True development can never harm environment if it is realised that life has no meaning without nature and resources, he said.


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