Jalandhar youth in love with their bakery products

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By Ravinder Singh Robin

Jalandhar, Feb. 23 : Times are changing in Jalandhar, as the youth here have developed a special liking for bakery products.

The confectioners are enjoying the windfall in the city that falls in the Doaba region, and is the hub of non-resident Indians.

Since 1955, Jalandhar's Parkash Bakers has been a witness to customers' change in tastes and growing inclination for bakery products.

The spacious shop that was opened by late Pratap Singh offers a huge variety of products that are a big draw for all, particularly NRIs.

Hundreds of customers keep thronging Parkash Bakers every day. Today, it takes pride in its bakery items.

Parkash Bakers is also known for concocting various foreign recipes such as doughnuts in two varieties, special pastries of Italy and special American styled pizzas.

Crediting the success of business to customers, Jaswant Singh, the owner of the Parkash Bakers, said the reason behind introducing new products was customer demands. The youth nowadays see bakery products as a mid-day meal, he added.

"Due to it being part of the NRI belt, many visitors from abroad arrive with new recipes. We have to please our customers accordingly," said Singh.

"Our staff carefully blends each ingredient to meet our secret recipes' exact requirements and then bakes it to perfection every time to come out with the best ever products," Singh added.

"We have specially trained chefs with innovative ideas who prepare new bakery items that increases the taste of customers," he further added.

Parkash Bakers offers an array of items, including different types sandwiches, cakes, pastries, pizzas, kathi rolls and burgers. For those desiring to make their own pizzas, burgers and pav bhajis at homes, pizza bases, burger buns and pavs are available in different sizes.

Sandeep Sareen, a customer, said that the bakery products in Jalandhar are gaining in popularity across the country because of its variety and its manufacture in a hygienic environment.

"We doctors recommend anything healthy, non-fried, and preferably, bakery products made with whole wheat, as wheat is important, especially for making breads and other bakery products, as it has got the maximum number of glutens as compared to any other grain," said Dr. Mrs. Chopra, a regular customer at Parkash Bakers.

The trend towards changing in eating habits resulted in accelerated consumer lifestyles, increasing numbers of women in the workforce, the fragmentation of traditional family structures and an increase in single-occupancy households is also another opinion of the customers.

Gurjot Kaur, another customer said that earlier the ladies had plenty of time for spending in kitchen. But now there is no time left like earlier times, so it is a bit difficult to make such things at home. It is convenient for ladies to buy bakery products.

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