More and more students falling to exam stress

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New Delhi, Feb 21 (UNI) Intake of anti-depressant drugs or happy drugs to stave off stress by students during board exams was hitherto commonplace, but what might baffle your sensibilities is that to kill anxiety some children are now resorting to eating lizards or its tail during exam days.

''We have seen stressed children indulging in smoking, tobacco, drinking tea, coffee and taking drugs to keep themselves awake during the exams. But what is alarming these days is, apart from these routine indulgence some students have know started eating lizards and its tail to beat their exam stress,'' Heart Care Foundation of India, President, Dr K K Aggarwal said while addressing a press conference here today on 'Exam Stress'.

Examination time is a testing time, not just for students but also parents and teachers, who keep pressurising students to perform well in their exams. This post-exam stress not only affects the concentration and memory of students but also forces them to adopt abnormal behaviour. Peer pressure of coming up with flying colours in exams and fear of failure and letting down their parents engulf students so much so that they end up in addictions like iodex on sandwich, toothpaste, drinking anti-fit drugs like 'eptoin' and cough syrup or inhaling whitner and vicks to reduce their stress level and anxiety.

Dr Aggarwal said many students, especially those who have science stream, make their own designer drugs from chemicals and salts available in their labs, which is dangerous.

''There are various web-sites on internet which provides step-by-step information on how to prepare designer drugs. Such web-sites should be banned in our country. India should also have some cyber laws like in America to keep a check on web-sites providing harmful information.'' he said.

Clinical psychologist, Dr Aruna Broota, also agreed to making such laws and said, ''I also agree that there should be cyber laws to keep a check on such web-portals.'' ''There should also be laws for parents, children, chemists and pharmacheutical companies, to stop them from selling or taking drugs. '' Dr Broota said, adding what is more important is that these laws get implemented as usually its the parents that collaborate in the child's act of taking drugs at the time of exams.


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