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San Diego, Feb 20: The India Street today announced the delivery of India's only Facebook social stock picking application. The idea is simple. You decide whether you think a stock price will go up or down and the India Wall Street combines your prediction with the predictions of everyone else to give you an aggregate view.

"The patent pending collective intelligence application is the first step towards the social crowd sourcing of any type of investment,"said F. Colton, the India Street founder. "We will soon introduce additional crowd sourcing applications that will allow anyone from amateur to professional to get a better idea of when to buy and when to sell."

Since the stock market moves based on the collective thinking of thousands of individuals, the more people who predict on The India Wall Street, the more useful the information on the Facebook application becomes.

The India Wall Street also allows users to share the latest news and watch entertaining videos on India business. It has easy to use interface and encourages participation, similar to the approach of other highly successful Facebook applications.

"The purpose was to create an application that India stock market users of all ages will think is continuously useful, and that will allow one to compete against their friends," said owner F. Colton.

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