Exquisite nail art promotes pattachitra art in Orissa

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Puri (Orissa), Feb 17 : A twenty-year-old artist exhibits beautiful nail art which is aimed at propagating the traditional Pattachitra art (painting on cloth) of Orissa.

Niranjan Mohapatra of Tipuri village has exquisitely painted nails, which has been attracting a large number of tourists visiting the shores of Puri.

Niranjan has a penchant for growing nails since childhood and his passion for the nail art has enchanted both foreign and domestic tourists.

Of late, to give his nails a better look, he has started painting the images of deities on them, lending a fastidious look.

Tourists watch this unique and creative art displayed by Niranjan with amazement and admiration.

Niranjan has three-inch long nails that took him eight months to grow. His nails are longer than a girl's nails.

His creative abilities have won him appreciation and recognition. His nails have now become an exhibition of thumbnails with images of King Nanda, Yasoda, Lord Balram, Lord Krishna, and Radha.

He uses poster colours to paint the nails, which stay longer as compared to other colours.

Painting the traditional art on nails is not easy and it calls for tremendous concentration and practice.

Through the traditional nail art Niranjan wants to promote the traditional Pattachitra art of Orissa, as many people still don't know about it.

"Nail art requires a lot of balancing, besides thin and intricate designing it also calls for tremendous concentration," said Niranjan.

Niranjan feels that the State Government should extend support to artist in promoting the art and claims.

Tourists are getting their nails painted and taking the art as a token of remembrance from Orissa, while Niranjan claims that the nail art can last for two months depending upon the care taken to preserve it.

"It's very nice, intricate, and incredible. This morning I had cut my nails, I wish if I had all long nails, he could have painted my whole hands," said Aierim, a tourist.

"I have never seen such painting before. Especially this type of art is something I have seen for the first time. After living in Orissa for few days, I have seen Pattachitra paintings, but not of this type. When we came to visit Puri, I saw this guy doing it. I got it done and felt really good," said Sujeta Sahoo, a tourist.

Besides, decorating people's nails, this young artist is also involved in grooming youngsters in pattachitra art revolving around interesting themes. By Sharda Lahangir

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