Brit Jihadist groups recruiting terrorists on net via Facebook

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London, Feb 17 : Radical British Jihadist groups are actively operating and recruiting members on Facebook and other social networking sites, it has been revealed. A private Facebook group called 'Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama'ah', the name of a successor organisation to the banned extremist group Al Muhajiroun, has been operating since early 2007. The Facebook group has links posted to extremist literature by the jailed radical preachers Abu Hamza al-Misri and Abu Qutada calling for the waging of armed jihad against the British and American governments.

A literature demanding the expulsion of any Muslim who votes in elections or "provides assistance" to the 'kuffar', or nonbeliever, have also been posted on the account. Muslim Parliament of Great Britain warned the young Muslims to stay away from extremist websites. "It is a dangerous area," the Scotsman quoted Dr Ghayasudin Siddiqui, the Parliament's leader, as saying.

One website article, entitled Jihad

A Ten Part Compilation, describes violent Jihad as an "individual duty" of all Muslims. It includes a religious ruling for young Muslims on the legitimacy of taking up "martyrdom" without informing their parents and concludes as saying: "No permission (from parents) is required in obligatory jihad."


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