Complete sowing of sunflower at the earliest

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Hisar, February 15 (UNI) Haryana Agriculture University scientists have advised farmers to complete the sowing of Sunflower at the earliest and sow four kg seed of normal variety and 1.5 to two kg seed of Hybrids per acre.

The experts recommended Haryana Surajmukhi No.1, Hybrids: MSFH 17, KBSH 1, Jwalamukhi, Sungene 85, PAC 36, PAC 1091, MSFH 8, APSH 11 seed varieties for a good crop.

The seeds should be treated with two grams Bavistin or three grams Thirom per kg seed.

Giving advice on managing the standing wheat crop, the experts said, if the black lines/strips along the veins on wheat leaves are seen, then the infected plants must be removed to stop the disease from spreading further.

If the wheat crop showed a yellowish tinge, it could be due to deficiency of zinc and nitrogen and a mixture of one kg Zinc sulphate and five kg Urea in 200 litres of water should be sprayed per acre in clear weather.

Before planting sugarcane, soil samples from the field should be analysed in soil testing laboratory. As much as 15 to 20 bullock carts FYM should be mixed with the soil, they advised.

Farmers have also been advised to irrigate crops, vegetables and young fruit for protection against cold winds. Young fruit plants should be covered by straw, cloths or husk for protecting against the wind.

There may be aphid attacks on the mustard crop and hence farmers have been advised to keep a watch and spray the crop with 250 to 400 ml Metasystox 25 EC or Rogor 30EC per acre.

Farmers were advised to transplant Tomato, brinjal and chillies into the field and start sowings of the cucurbits.

If insect attacks are seen in the cauliflower crop, farmers are advised to spray the crop with 400 ml Malathion 50 EC or 375 ml Endosulphan 35 EC with 250 litres of water per acre if weather is clear. Farmers were also advised to complete pruning of grape orchards at the earliest and apply organic and other fertilisers as per recommendation of the University.

Farmers are also advised to get their animals vaccinated for protection against foot and mouth disease. The young calves should be kept free from germs by giving germicides as per recommendation of Veterinary Doctor.

Their feed should be mixed with 50 grams of iodized salt and 30 grams mineral mixture every day to keep them healthy.


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