Swamy lambasts CPM for its observation on Mulford

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New Delhi, Feb 11 (UNI) Janata Party President Subramanian Swamy today said the Left Front verbal attack on US Ambassador to India David Mulford for stating in a TV interview that the Indo-US nuclear deal is a ''now or never'' deal to India, is ''knee jerk anti-Americanism'' and the ''pathological hatred'' of the Leftists for the US.

Dr Swamy said, in a statement, the US ambassador was merely stating a fact since ''the Indian governmwent foolishly negotiated the deal all the way'' with America, giving that country the impression that it would sign the deal while keeping Indian opposition parties out of the loop of negotiations on such a crucial matter.

Pointing out that the US had a right to feel 'jilted' by the Indian government, he said India should have made it clear on day one that no deal would be signed unless America formally recognised India as a nuclear weapons power.

''That is the objection of the democratic opposition in India.

Till that objection is met by the US, India can live with 'never' option offered by the US ambassador,'' he said.

Dr Swamy said ''the dominant CPM in the Left Front is known for switching from supporting the fascism of Adolf Hitler for opposing anti-imperialism of Britain to opposing fascism of Hitler to supporting anti-imperialist Britain within 24 hours on a signal from its patron abroad.'' The Janata Party President said the Left party can change their stand even today, but the responsibility for ''weighing'' the deal by the UPA government rested entirely on Congress President Sonia Gandhi, who even made a public statement that ''those who oppose the deal are traitors''.


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