Women told to forget pills; consider contraceptive jabs

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London, Feb 6 (UNI) Shunning the use of Pill, one of the most important medical breakthroughs of the '60s that heralded sexual freedom, has signalled a new ''revolution in contraception''.

In order to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies in the UK, women are being told to consider injections and implants instead of the Pill. Forgetting to take the Pill is the most common reason for unwanted pregnancy, the Telegraph reported.

A national campaign of 10 million pounds would be started to raise awareness among youngsters about the full range of contraception methods available. It would advise them to use newer methods that last between three months and five years instead of opting for oral contraceptives.

Sexual health campaigners have maintained that long-term contraception methods are more reliable.

According to the UK Department of Health statistics, more then three quarters women forget to take their pill on two or more consecutive days each month, meaning they risk falling pregnant.

If more women opted for long-acting contraceptives the number of unintended pregnancies could fall by about 73,000.

Critics, however, believe that it will lead to over crowding of sexual health clinics. Patients would visit the already overstretched clinics for fitting the implant or coil.


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