Coming soon - vibrating machines, shoes and clothes to help you lose weight

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London, Feb 5 : Shedding pounds may soon be moving beyond exercise and a controlled diet, with vibrating machines, shoes and even clothing that may help in cutting that extra flab on your body.

These devices may soon be reality, thanks to the discovery by Clinton Rubin and colleagues at the State University of New York in Stony Brook, that vibrations can prevent and even reduce the formation of fat tissue.

According to Clinton, his research suggests that this phenomenon is true, not just because shaking increases the patient's metabolism like exercise, but because it slows the formation of fat cells in the body in the first place.

He said that this therapy is capable of reducing obesity and preventing the onset of related problems such as diabetes

Rubin even proposed that the subject could stand on a ground-based platform similar to weighing scales to receive the vibrations, or they could be delivered by vibrating shoes, or clothing.

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