Heaters and brooders for inmates of Ahemedabad zoo

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Ahmedabad, Feb.3 : As mercury continues to play havoc in north India, people remain indoors or around fireplaces as far as possible. In this cold weather, a thoughtful staff members of the Ahmedabad zoo have taken special measures to protect its inmates from the cold.

Kamla Nehru Zoological Gardens in Ahmedabad has installed heaters and brooders - large box containers -- to keep the creatures warm.

Besides, various initiatives have been taken to create warmth in different enclosures.

Like in the reptiles' enclosure, an electric bulb, covered by an inverted and perforated earthen pot, has been fixed. It is believed to help snakes to remain warm by coiling around the pot without getting any electric shock.

"We have made heating arrangements for animals like bears and tigers. For little birds, plastic curtains have been raised. Besides, we have brooders and bulbs, which provide continuous warmth to the caged animals. Also, this saves the animals from cold and cool breeze," said N.K. Savdhariya, Deputy Superintendent, Kamla Nehru Zoo in Ahmedabad.

For large animals like tigers and bears, heat-blowers have been placed outside the cages apart from placing a good quantity of dried hay inside the cages.

Moreover, the zoo authorities have also deployed staff for night duty to monitor weather condition at night and temperature of various cages. By Ami Sharma

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