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Written by: Nidhi Pathak
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BJP has geared up with their election campaign and also started the preparation for national elections. And this demands congress to declare their Prime Ministerial candidate fast! Or come up with a hitherto reason for delaying the task. Maybe... UPA firmly believes that 2009 is the best time for national elections, is a good enough reason!

In a democratic political system, power may come and go; the rise and fall of political parties in parliament is a regular act. However, what can be the reason behind UPA's act of delaying the national polls. Are they looking for ideal PM candidate or fears the disapproval of N-deal. And what makes BJP so confident about their stance in national polls which they have already started working on. Of course, BJP's past few victories have made them so confident of winning national polls. India has always observed that urban elite class fails to recognize the citizens in the rest of India. Most of them were not able to realize that a paradigm shift was taking place in social dynamics, which was/is effecting Indian politics largely. Very much similar to British who simply failed to fathom Mahatma Gandhi or Dr. Ambedkar acts until it was too late!

Come what may, like any other citizen I want my nation to be ruled by a leader who is widely popular and much liked for his modern, youthful thinking. At this juncture, I must mention that new regional heroes are now the hot-favorites rather than established leaders. This is one fact of India changing. People are ready to chance new leaders be it from any background.

These heroes are not the second generation of any political family, has no prior political inclination but have proved to be a superpower in recent polls. New charismatic CMs like Mayawati, Modi and Nitish are posing the strategies, which has created turning point in Indian politics. Not far in the future, we may have a Dalit leader, SC/ST ruling our nation. Let's now sit back and take a ride into the evolution of these history-makers...

Narendra Modi

Call him 'Maut ka saudagar', 'fascist', 'Butcher of Gujarat' but one can not overlook his contribution in Gujarat's development and nation"s economy at large.

What charisma did Modi wield on his people? What makes him a perfect ideal CM not once, twice but thrice?

One may say that a leader who speaks public opinion or rather creates it. A leader who fights back and protects the state, a protagonist provides the regular supply of basic necessities timely.

And of course, a self-righteous man who is not corrupted.

The above mentioned qualities are parameters to judge a good leader. But a leader may possess all of the above or convince the masses that he has it. Modi did it all; he first convinced and then later proved himself.

In spite of having monster's image and knee-jerk reactions (post Godhra carnage) by media, elite class and socialists, Modi surpassed all this to come out victorious in Gujarat Polls 2007. This only proves his growing power.

His successive victory in Gujarat zipped all media pundits, and they missed the emergence of a regional hero.

But this time his 'Hindutava campaign' was wisely replaced by 'Gandhi', 'Ram Rajya' and 'Development of Gujarat'. And the focus on the 'youth' in his election campaign made the right sound.

'Youth' campaign by Modi is the latest mantra of all politicians. Through websites, communities, blogs, groups, Youtube, Orkut and SMS, Modi left no stone unturned to reach 'young minds'.

Media has no more criticism levelled against Modi… and looking at his defaming popularity he said, “I congratulate Gujarat and Gujarati across the globe as it's the 'Victory of Gujarat'. And I also want to thank media for popularizing me by criticism."

There is no doubt that Modi's victory in Gujarat Polls 2007, has changed the scenario of Indian politics. Actually, it will amount to several political shifts for the Congress and Left, just as NDA and BJP.

The key question is can 'Moditva' work on a national dais?

It depends on how nation reads him as leader. Modi combines strong leadership, integrity with an appeal of regional pride, extreme nationalism and stress on development. If you turn a blind eye to Godhra carnage; I see no reason why Moditva can"t be translated across the country.

Mayawati's Magic

Hailing from Lower-middle class family 'Behenji' (Mayawati) is now an icon for millions of Dalits in India. Her mentor Kanshi Ram firmly believed that she was destined to control the fate of many district magistrates rather than to be one of them. One can call Kanshi Ram the King-maker of 'Mayawatis magic'.

Be it alliance with BJP or polarizations of caste and communal line or daunting slogans, Mayawati moved each step cleverly and left no opportunity for her political growth.

The BSP slogan , "Tilak, tarazu aur talwar, teeno ko maaro joote Char" was wisely replaced by "Yeh haathi nahin, Ganesh hai, Bhrahma, Vishnu, Mahesh hai" to strike votes from upper-caste.

After the stunning victory of 1995, Mayawati never looked back, she also won the UP polls in 1997, 2002, 2007.

UP kingship reflects her mastery in striking a politically correct balance among the communities like Hindus upper-caste, Lower-caste and Muslims.

During 2007 elections, her new poll strategy was to maximize caste alignment without creating caste division reflects her political intelligence. After 2007 polls victory she focused on social justice, empowerment and to make Uttar Pradesh into a 'Uttam' Pradesh.

Dalit mentors like Periyar, Dr Ambedkar struggled to create radical Dalit awareness. But Mayawati is the most charismatic Dalit leader with a massive effect on masses. Her impeccable leadership spell makes her a impeccable future national leader.

Nitish Kumar

Nitish Kumar, not unknown to the Indian politics has brought in a new era in Bihar. It's not easy to explain 'Lalu Rajya' in Bihar, but it was well understood by smart politician like Nitish who played Lalu's card back at him. And was successful in expelling a leader, who had become too comfy in his shoes .

Though Nitish Kumar was handling railways or agriculture portfolios in the past he remained unseen... he finally shot into lime light after his impeccable victory in Bihar.

The upshot of Nitish Kumar was evident right from the setting of the NDA's agenda of election. In fact, the 'Hindutva mantra' of BJP was kept aside and campaigns were projecting Nitish's personality, his stature as OBC leader and his vision of development of OBC.

Nitish as OBC leader, was the clever mantra with which the BJP played with.

Besides promoting the OBC leader, subtle slogans on development of state and Paswan's anti-Lalu campaign have played a role in the victory of Nitish. Though RJD lost by marginal 1.8 percent but Bihar polls success reflects Nitish"s caliber to bridge rift among expectations and achievement for state's progress.

With their clever maneuvering politics, modern themes and wider outlook they may well lead India into a bright new future! Kudos to these political Gen-setters!

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