Workers shifting to tertiary sector jobs: NSSO

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New Delhi, Jan 29 (UNI) About 59 per cent of male workers in urban India are engaged in the tertiary sector while the secondary sector accounts for nearly half the number at 34 per cent of the usually employed males, according to a national survey here.

The corresponding figures among women were lower: 52 and 33, respectively. The proportion of urban men and women employed in the primary sector was 6 and 15 per cent respectively, according to the NSSO survey 'Employment and unemployment situation in India: 2005-06' released here said.

About 56 per cent of rural men and 31 per cent of rural women belong to the labour force and the corresponding proportions in the urban areas were 57 per cent and 15 per cent respectively.

The proportion of women casual labourer was about one percentage point higher than that of male casual labourer in both rural and urban areas.

In rural India, about 65 per cent of the male and 81 per cent of the women among the usually employed were engaged in the primary sector (excluding mining and quarrying), the proportion in the 'secondary sector (including mining and quarrying)' being 17 per cent for male and 12 per cent for female. In the tertiary sector,the number stood at 18 per cent among male and seven per cent among women.

In urban India, the tertiary sector engaged about 59 per cent of the male workers while the 'secondary' sector accounted for about 34 per cent of the usually employed males.

For female, the corresponding figures were lower: 52 and 33, respectively. Proportion of urban male and female employed in the primary sector was six percent and 15 percent respectively.

The average wage rate for regular wage/salaried employees in rural areas was Rs 138.74 for males and Rs 87.71 for females. The corresponding wage rates in the urban areas were Rs 205.81 for men and Rs 158.23 for women.

In the rural areas, on an average, Rs 59.29 was earned in a day by a male casual labourer whereas a woman casual labourer earned Rs 37.97 a day, in the urban areas male casual labourer in earned Rs 80.70 a day and a woman Rs 44.57.

The field work of the survey carried out during July 2005-June 2006 provides broad features of the employment and unemployment situation in India and some characteristics associated with them at the national and state levels.

The survey covered the whole country except Leh and Kargil districts of Jammu and Kashmir, interior villages of Nagaland and villages in Andaman and Nicobar islands. It was spread over 4,798 villages and 5,125 urban blocks covering 78,879 households and enumerating 3,77,377 people (1,86,571 in rural areas and 1,90,806 in urban areas).

The main characteristics associated with employment and unemployment were broadly comparable at the national level. However, at level comparison of the results of this round with the quinquennial round on some of the characteristics needs to be attempted with due caution.


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