'Low Vitamin E intake causes physical decline in elderly'

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Washington, Jan 28 (UNI) Researchers from the US have found that a low concentration of Vitamin E in blood causes decline in physical function in older persons.

The researchers at Yale School of Medicine conducted a study and found that those with low levels of Vitamin E in the blood were more prone to physical decline than those whose samples had ample amount of the Vitamin, the Science Daily reported.

''We evaluated the effects of several micronutrients and only Vitamin E was significantly associated with decline in physical function,'' said lead researcher Benedetta Bartali.

The researchers assessed physical decline in the participants of age 65 or older over a three-year period using an objective test of three tasks: walking speed, rising repeatedly from a chair, and standing balance.

''The odds of declining in physical function was 1.62 times greater in persons with low levels of Vitamin E compared with persons with higher levels, '' Bartali said.

The results suggest that an appropriate dietary intake of vitamin E may help to reduce the decline in physical function among older persons.

As an antioxidant, vitamin E may prevent or reduce the propagation of free radicals in the human body, which are associated with physical decline. This may help reduce muscle or DNA damage and the development of pathological conditions like atherosclerosis.


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