Speed bumps double car emission, fuel consumption

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London, Jan 27 (UNI) So you get irritated everytime you slow down at those speed bumps. There is now more reason than one to get annoyed.

While they may slow down traffic, speed bumps cause car emissions and fuel consumption to rise, according to a survey commissioned by the AA.

Researchers at the Millbrook Proving Ground have found that a car capable of over 58mpg when travelling at a steady 30mph delivered just under 31mpg when it had to slow down to negotiate speed bumps and then speed up again. The carbon dioxide emissions were similarly affected.

The study also reveals that reducing speed limits to 20mph from 30mph also affected fuel consumption and emissions (10 per cent higher), as most engines are calibrated for maximum efficiency at higher speeds.

The current findings supports research by the Transport Research Laboratory, which reoprted that carbon monoxide emissions are increased by as much as 82 per cent and nitrous oxide levels by 37 per cent on roads with speed bumps.

AA president Edmund King said: ''Humps are a crude, uncomfortable and noisy way of slowing people down and this research has shown they are also environmentally damaging.

We accept that traffic speed needs to be controlled in residential areas where there is a problem with accidents and children are playing. We think motorists are more likely to accept average speed cameras than humps,'' the Times reported.

''The AA accepts that targeted 20mph speed limits in residential areas are popular and improve safety. However, a 30mph limit on local distributor roads may be more environmentally friendly,'' he added.


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