Hats off to Indians who made us feel proud!

Written by: Nirupama K S
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A quote says, "If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write things worth reading or do things worth writing". These indians made news or became news not because of their writings, but by their tremendous deeds which made us feel proud about being an Indian!

Pratibha Patil
Pratibha is the first Indian woman President who hoisted the tricolour on the 59th Republic Day in the 60-year of independence. It is eve not too easy to handle roles such as the supreme commander of the armed forces, which are mainly male-dominated in India. But, Pratibha took it as a challenge and is doing her best to the country. The first lady of the nation is yet to face challenges in her career.

She has to take a few decisions independently without relying on political leaders in cases such as appeal pending before her on capital punishment to Afzal Guru, a prime convict of Parliament attack case.

Whatever decision she may takes and however she handles the rubber stamp post, it is great that a woman has got the chance to adorn the highest seat of power in India. Even the US, which is considered as more powerful and sophisticated country, is yet to have a female president.

Ratan Naval Tata

Nano, which is now declared as the 'world's cheapest car', became a synonym with India now.

It was an ambitious dream of Tata to build a car which would cost marginally more than a two-wheeler and revolutionise personal transport in India. The dream has almost come true. Not only Tata worked hard to meet this promise, but it also shows what Indian engineering is genuinely capable of.

Tata had invested almost Rs 1,700 crore for designing the Nano, which costs only a lakh, which yeild water-thin margins.

He had to face lot of struggles when he got an idea to set up a people's car plant at Singur in West Bengal. Main opposition party of the State, Trinamool Congress criticised the ruling communist party for acquiring land from peasants on behalf of a private compnay in the wake of voilence in Nandigram. Now, that Nano is out in the market, the Culcutta High Court has upheld the legality of acquiring land for the same purpose.

Tata can relax!

Though, 71 years old and just four years away from his self imposed retirment age, Ratan Tata runs nearly 100 companies and stick to his values and says "the person must maintain values".

Sunita Williams

"I saw a borderless world from space. The borders are only on paper and people's mind", this is how Indian origin American astronaut Sunita expressed after she reached the earth spending 195 days in the space station.

42-year old Sunita Williams has her paternal roots in Jhulasan in Gujarat and created sensation during her visit to her native place. She expressed her thanks to Indians who prayed fervently for her safe return to earth.

She is an inspiration to young Indians who would like to pursue their career in astronomy, especially girls. "You should have high interest and curiosity. People have all the potential. Nothing extraordinary is needed to become an astronaut. You should never have a limiation thinking that you are a girl. Take up risks", this is how Sunita advices youngsters. Keep that in mind girls.

Vishwanathan Anand

It is not easy to be on top in world Chess, that too being an Asian. But, Vishwanathan Anand reached the magical 2,801 in ELO ratings to become the "world lord of 64 squares".

Anand is the first Indian who became a world chess champion and the first non-Russian after Bobby Fisher of the US to reach the top rank. In a sport, dominated with Russians and east Europeans, Anand succeeded in achieving this goal twice!

"I like to keep experimenting with my chess. I hate playing the same and like to do things differently and face new challenges", this is how Anand responds to his success.

There is a little time for him to relish his second world title as the game is being dominated by youngsters. Indians have not left any field go amiss!

Luck to Vishy!

Indira Krishnamurthy Nooyi

CEO and president of the PepsiCo, Indira Nooyi is the highest ranking Indian-born woman in the history of corporate America.

Indira has direct link with India as her company took an initiative in revolutionizing the Indian farming sector. The company began working with thousands of farmers in Punjab and other states with an aim to provide a cost-effective localised agri-base in India to help farmers imrpove and refine techniques to raise productivity with improving their increase income and quality of their life.

It is a challenge for Indira to deal with countries like India, where cola companies are often charged with exhausting ground water levels, releasing toxic effluents into the earth and using pesticides in soft drinks.

But, she chants the mantra of "Perfomance with Purpost", for which she explains that "bring together what is good for business as well as for the world" will make everything all-right!

Being an Indian, Indira is not only proud of her "Indianness" and flaunts it happily, she even attends PepsiCo board meetings in Indian costume Sari and follows the philosophy of "being herself".

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

26-year old Dhoni is emerging as the focal point of the new generation, especially for Cricket fans. He made Indians feel majestic by leading his team to win the T-20 World Cup. His fearless batting style helped him capture fans worldwide.

Indians who love Cricket and worship cricketers expect a lot from Dhoni in the coming days. Arrival of new coach Gary Kirsten who is expected to provide a fresh perspective to Indian Cricket, may help Dhoni contribute a lot to the Indian Cricket.

Vikram Pandit

A Nagpur-born Pandit is appointed chief executive of the world's largest financial services company Citigroup, a very tough job in corporate America. Tougher is the fact that Citigroup is trying to tide over the worst crisis it has ever seen in its 195-year old history.

Pandit is the first person of Indian origin to scale such a high position in the financial world, which has operations in more than 100 countries, with 3,00,000 employees and $2 trillion in assets.

The list is not yet over by any means! There are personalities like L N Mittal, R K Pachauri, Sania Mirza, Sachin Tendulkar......... who too equally contributed in their respective fields.

Hats off to all of them who made Indians feel very proud...

But, Do I still hear India being touted as the third-world country???

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