Ben Kingsley wins praise at Sundance for 'The Wackness' role

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Washington, Jan 26 : Sir Ben Kingsley's portrayal of a pot-moking psychiatrist in the film 'The Wackness' has earned him a ot of praise at the ongoing Sundance Film Festival.

The film, set in New York in 1994, traces the escapades of a iddle class pot-dealing teenager who pays for his therapy essions by giving marijuana to his psychiatrist.

"He's probably quite a good therapist in theory, but he doesn't pply any of his healing tenets to himself because he's an ddict," the BBC quoted Sir Ben as saying.

The story further turns upside down when the teenager, played by osh Peck, helps Sir Ben's character mature.

"It's a young man, an adolescent, that forces me to face myself nd grow up. In turn, my gift to him is that he also has to go ut into the world, into the big marketplace, and be honest to imself. So we both save each other eventually. But it's a very unny journey along the way," said Sir Ben.

Another drug buyer in the film is played by Mary-Kate Olsen.

Sir Ben said that he is drawn to re-invention, and added that he s inclined to do varied characters as it helps him to connect to is audience.

"It's the biggest joy for me. I won't do that by playing the same erson over and over again. I'll do that by empathizing with as any human conditions as possible until I can't do it anymore," e said.

The actor, who has won Academy Award for his role in 'Gandhi', ees 'The Wackness' as another opportunity to add one more great ortrayal to his jewelled career.

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