Lesbians could get a new name -- ''gayelle''

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Sydney, Jan 25 (UNI) A group of lesbians who are unhappy with the title, have launched a world-wide movement to change the name of their sexuality to ''gayelle''.

Websites devoted to the change are springing up because of a persistent distaste for the word lesbian, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Gayelle, denoting anyone gay and female, is made up of the words ''gay'' and ''elle'' meaning ''she'' in French. Supporters of this new movement say the new term is less derogatory than the word lesbian.

''The invention of 'gayelle' is with the idea and hope that it will have a worldwide appeal, and ultimately, supersede the word lesbian; a suitable replacement is necessary for positive language and the healthy self-esteem of the gay-female-population,'' one website states.

The team also argue that gay does not aptly reflect their sexuality as it has become associated specifically with homosexual men.

''The word lesbian is antiquated; it is not representative of modern times, and or, of persons with modern views. Lesbian does not sound cheerful and fun, nor does it mean merry, like the word gay does; rather, it sounds more like loner, loser, and less. Gay females deserve more, not less,'' the website reads.


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