Kids learn better when their mother listens: study

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Washington, Jan 25 (UNI) Mothers, be a patient listener to your child-- a research shows children learn the solution to a problem best when they explain it to their mother.

Researchers from Vanderbilt University, US, conducted a study and found that explaining an answer to themselves and to their moms improved the children's ability to solve similar problems later, and that explaining the answer to their moms helped them solve more difficult problems, the Science Daily reported.

''We saw that this simple act of listening by mom made a difference in the quality of the child's explanations and how well they could solve more difficult problems later on,'' study lead author Rittle-Johnson said.

The researchers also found that children experience the benefit of explaining a solution at an earlier age than previously thought.

''We knew that children learn well with their moms or with a peer, but we did not know if that was because they were getting feedback and help,'' the researcher said.

Rittle-Johnson believes the new finding can help parents better assist their children with their schoolwork, even when they are not sure of the answer themselves.

''In this study, we just had the children's mothers listen, without providing any assistance. We've found that by simply listening, a mother helps her child learn, '' the researchers added.

Although they used children and their mothers in the study, they believe the same results will hold true whether the person is the child's father, grandparent, or other familiar person.

''Explaining their reasoning, to a parent or perhaps to other people they know, will help them understand the problem and apply what they have learned to other situations,'' the researchers explained.


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