Eating chocolate could weaken bones

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London, Jan 25: You may not be able to resist chocolate, but eating loads of it can land you with weaker bones, increasing the chances of you suffering from a fracture, warn researchers.

The finding is based on a study conducted by Australian researchers who noted that women who ate the sweet every day of the week were more likely to have weaker bones than those of their sex who ate chocolate less than once a week. According to the results of the study, overall bone density is lower by 3.1 per cent in women who tend to give in to their urges and eat chocolate daily, reports the Telegraph.

The research comes on the heels of a study published in the Lancet that warned against seeing the confection as a health food, especially as the antioxidants called flavanols that are beneficial for cancer and heart disease are taken out because they taste bitter. Critics however said that the difference between the bone density is too small to have a significant impact.

They also stated that it was likely healthy women ate a generally better diet and exercised more.


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