Sensex records biggest intra-day fall of 2250 pts

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Mumbai, Jan 22: Sensex crashes 875 points on US recession fears points before closing at 16,729 points. Sensex records biggest ever intra-day fall of 2250 points. Stock market crashed for the second straight day. The Sensex opened with a negative gap of 721 points at 16,884 on Tuesday morning. Finance Minister P Chidambaram advices investors to stay calm and not to be bothere by Western Economy.

Sensex crashes 875 points on US recession fears. Below is the overview of the day's trading.

Sensex crashes 875 points
Nifty crashes 309 points today
Sensex recovers 1375 points from day's low at close.
Nifty recovers 411 from day's low at close
6:37 PM 1/22/2008

Sensex crashes 750 points
Sensex recovers 1500 pts from morning fall of 2250
Nifty recovers 450 pts after falling 750 pts
2:59 PM 1/22/2008

Sensex again slips a little
Sensex crashes 1400 points
Sensex recovers 850 points after falling 2250 points
Nifty plunges 500 pts
Nifty recovers 350 pts after falling 720 pts
1:46 PM 1/22/2008

Sensex recovers 1,200 points after falling 2250 pts
Sensex crashes 1000 points
Nifty recovers 350 points after falling 720 points
1:04 PM 1/22/2008

Minor recovery in the markets
Sensex recovers 900 points after falling 2250 pts
Sensex crahes 1300 points
Nifty plunges 450 points
I advise investors to stay calm: FM
12:34 PM 1/22/2008

Sensex crashes 2,250 points, 40 pc downfall
Nifty plunges 700 points
Stocks crash on global market trend
A bear market likely
12:02 PM 1/22/2008

Sensex crashes 1850 points
Sensex jits 10 pc lower circuit
11:47 AM 1/22/2008

Sensex recovers 950 points after finance minister P Chidambaram's statement
11:24 AM 1/22/2008

Sensex down 6.5 pc, Nifty down 7 pc
Sensex plunges 1200 points
11:19 AM 1/22/2008

Sensex stabilizes
Markets now recover slowly
We should not be bothered by West economy: FM
11:13 AM 1/22/2008

Sensex still slipping after an initial gain. Sensex down by 7 pc, Nifty down by 8 pc now
11:06 AM 1/22/2008

Markets make mild recovery
The markets opened again after an hour break and there ia a sign of mild recovery. Sensex still down 4 per cent while Nifty is down by 5 per cent.
10:59 AM 1/22/2008

Enough liquidity will be provided: FM
10:45 AM 1/22/2008

Markets down by 2000 points
The 30-share sensitive index (Sensex) of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) continued its downward spiral today and trading was suspended for an hour, as the markets hit the 10 per cent lower circuit on opening bell. The Sensex opened with a negative gap of 721 points at 16,884 on Tuesday morning. The index is now down 9.8 percent (1,716 points) at 15,889. The NSE Nifty has crashed over 12 percent (630 points) to 4,578.
10:00 AM 1/22/2008

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