Two Intl Funding Agencies to restore Hampi ruins

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Bellary (Karnataka), Jan 19: Two International Funding Agencies-- Northern California based Global Heritage Fund and UNESCO's World Monument Fund have came forward to join Jindal South West Foundation (JSWF) to restore three temple sites in the world famous Hampi ruins, JSWF Chairperson Sangita Jindal said today.

Speaking on the occasion of a two-day National Conference on 'Taking Vijayanagar's past into Future' organised by the Hampi Foundation here, she said that with this assistance three temples of heritage value would be restored to its past glory by spending over Rs 20 crore in the coming two years.

Stating that a built up structure was not just four brick walls and a roof and behind it has the vision of its patron, the ingenuity of the architect and efforts of the labourers, Ms Jindal expressed concern over the fate of country's vast architectural and monumental heritage is in douldrum for want of involvement and financial support.

Alleging that most of historic and archeological sites in the country present a picture of apathy, Ms Sangita said that "only a few prized monuments can boost of adequate attention. Even now the Archeological Survey of India has applied multani mitti at the Taj which is turning yellow" she added.

Elaborating on financiall assistance extended by two foreign agencies, Ms Sangita said that both Global Heritage Fund and World Herigate Fund have agreed to join hands with JSWF to restore Chandramouleshwar, Krishna and Soumya Someshwar temples which were in raged conditions among the hundreds and thousands of other heritage value monuments across the Hampi's ruins site.

She said that the JSWF, which has engaged top experts in the field of restoration and conservation work of ruined world heritage monuments, would spend over Rs 20 crores for the purpose in next two years. "A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed with the two international bodies and Reserve Bank of India, ASI and JSWF" she added.

Outlining that the liberalisation of policies by both Union and State Government has helped International funding bodies to come forward to take up heritage conservation projects with Government and Non-governmental bodies Ms Jindal informed that International funding agencies were willing to fund and conserve our common cultural heritage and there is a need to explit it. "With this shift in mindset and support, ancient monuments and sites once relegated to neglect due to funding constraints are today being viewed afresh for better interpretation and conservation" she added.


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