'Drama' inside a glass house for 360 hrs

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New Delhi, Jan 19: Much like American illusionist and stuntman, David Blaine, a graduate of the National School of Drama (NSD) has caged himself in a glass house during the ongoing theatre festival here.

Harish Khanna will spend 15 days (or 360 hours) in the glass house. His stunt has become a major attraction at the ongoing 10th Bharat Rang Mahotsav organised by National School of Drama from January 3 to 20. The glass around the bathroom is frosted. Harish has all the comforts of the world including a geyser, apart from his laptop and mobile phone. The stunt is getting a mixed reaction from the audience.

Harish Khanna's performance has been titled as "The Glass Project". Producers of this reality drama consider this something distinct .

"Basically the concept evolved when the students continued asking about acting's origin and end. This Glass House Project answers the question . As human beings we have a character or a role to be performed in real life also," said Abhilash Pillai who conceptualised the Glass House Project.

The idea to select a Glass house was chosen out of many options.

"We had planned to do something six months ago for the golden jubilee year of National School of Drama. We wanted to something new this time. We had some concepts but finally we came up with the Glass House Project. We consulted various glass house companies and got hold of acrylic sheets," said Himanshu B. Joshi, the glass house designer.

Harish's friends hope that he will not get claustrophobic.

At this year's Bharat Rang Mahotsav, 60 plays are being staged by the alumni of NSD. Besides there are another 19 plays from abroad are also being staged.

But despite all these 79 plays, it is the 24-hour live performance by Harish Khanna in the glass house which is fascinating everyone' attention here.


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