Asian-Americans' success increasing negative attitudes towards them

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Washington, Jan 16 : Asian-Americans' academic and financial success is leading to a rise in the negative attitudes of people who feel threatened by them.

The finding is based on a study, led by Sara D. Hodges, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin Associate Editor, which demonstrated that how associating Asian-Americans with positive qualities tends to increase the degree to which people feel threatened by the group's academic and financial success, which in turn leads to more negative attitudes towards them.

In the study, the researchers tested the participants' agreement with positive Asian-American stereotypes.

Then they used a variety of methods to test the paradoxical effect.

"A stereotype, even a positive one, comes with costs," Hodges said.

"This study is important because it might prompt people to consider how ethnic stereotypes - even if they aren't derogatory stereotypes - might be affecting their perceptions of members of other groups in ways they might not have otherwise considered," she added.

The study is published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin by SAGE.

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