Advani bats for constitutional monarchy in Nepal

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New Delhi, Jan 16 (UNI) Senior BJP leader L K Advani today said his party supported the aspirations of the people of Nepal yearning for an 'effective and empowered' democracy and preserving the 'Hindu kingdom' as a constitutional monarchy.

Addressing a seminar on ''Democracy and Conflict Resolution in Asia'', organised by a Hindi newspaper, Mr Advani said the rise of Maoism and democracy were 'contradictory' and the two could not go together. He said the ascendence of extremist forces was unfortunate in the polity of Nepal. Developments in Nepal had grave implications for India given their close nexus with extremists on both sides of Nepal's borders.

Mr Advani, who handled the Home Ministry for over six years of the NDA regime, said Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was very correct when he described communist extremism or naxalism as the 'biggest threat' to India's internal security. It was also a threat to democracy. Why was the UPA Government remaining a 'silent onlooker' with the communists playing the role of 'colluders' when the monarchy was disbanded in Nepal, he asked adding, monarchy was the symbol of its unique national identity and a source of stability.

Criticising the communists who applauded the downfall of the Hindu kingdom even before the formation of the Constituent Assembly, he asked would they demand the ceasing of Pakistan and Bangladesh as Islamic Republics? He said India's approach was fundamentally influenced by Hindu philosophy and cultural ethos which had been pluralistic in their outlook and teachings. India seldom imposed its ideals and principles on other countries nor did it send its armies to conquer others' lands, exterminate or coerce the native populations and cultures. It was for this reason that there was no military coup or violent transfer of power in independent India. However, democracy was 'briefly eclipsed' during the emergency and people defeated the Congress Government led by Indira Gandhi.


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