GoM to decide introducing citizenship cards at national level

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New Delhi, Jan 13 (UNI) An empowered group of ministers would meet soon to decide about introducing Citizenship Cards for the people of the country.

The GoM, headed by External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee and having Home Minister Shivraj Patil as member, would meet to consider the feasibility of introducing such cards for all the people.

The pilot project for such cards has already been carried out in many parts of India, especially bordering districts. In Delhi also the pilot project was carried out in one locality. Based on the experience of implementing the pilot project, the empowered group of ministers would take a decision over the sensitive issue.

The issue has become controversial following Delhi Lt Governor Tejinder Khanna's move to introduce compulsory carrying of ID proof for the residents of the national capital to improve the security scenario. However, the proposal was taken back following the widespread uproar from various political parties who said that it was anti-constitutional and discriminatory against poor people coming to the capital for livelihood. Moreover, a vast majority of people working in unorganised sector do not have any ID proof.

The political parties, however, felt that if the government wanted, it could introduce such citizenship cards at the national level.

But based on the experience of pilot project, many in the Home Ministry are skeptical about introducing these citizenship cards due to practical difficulties. Admitting that such cards would make the work of security and intelligence agencies easier in preventing terrorism, they felt that it was not a very feasible move.

For getting citizenship card, the person is required to furnish some documentary proof of residence. Many a time, poor people, not having a house or land, do not have such proof. Moreover, sometimes some people are not present during the time when cards are issued.

Would such people not having the cards be classified as not being the citizens of the country. This is the crucial and sensitive issue which the ministers have to ponder before a final decision could be taken.


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