'Men too enjoy ''Chick-flicks'', especially when its fictionalised

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Washington, Jan 11 (UNI) Shedding tears over 'saas-bahu' melodrama or sympathising with the limping romance of Jack and Rose in Titanic is no longer the monopoly of women as men too enjoy such flicks, especially when these are more fictional.

According to a new research published in Journal of Consumer Research , men enjoy watching ''chick-flicks'' and tearjerkers when they are more fictionalised whereas women tend to prefer stories that seem to be true, the Science Daily reported.

The research found a significant difference between how men and women view stories about protagonists who overcome challenges through sacrifice and bravery.

''Providing explicit information that the story is make-believe may have enabled low empathizers (males in this case) to relax emotion norms and become more involved in the story, in turn resulting in more favorable evaluations of the entertainment,'' researchers from the Universities of Alberta and British Columbia explained.

The research showed that the more empathetic a person is, the more she or he will be involved and immersed into the story and transported into the world of the narrative.

In fact, the researchers found that men were less likely to endorse gender stereotypes, such as ''men should not cry,'' when they thought the story was fictitious versus true, supporting this idea that they were temporarily discarding social norms and allowing themselves to enjoy the story.

Signaling the nature of the fictionality of a story or programme may be one possible way of targeting specific segments in audiences, the researchers said.


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