Climate change tops EurekAlert!'s '10 Most Popular Stories in 2007' list

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Washington, Jan 11 : Global climate change has topped 'EurekAlert! 10 Most Popular Stories in 2007,' list.

The most popular story in 2007 was global climate change, which focused on a study conducted by NASA scientists that suggested greenhouse-gas warming might raise average summer temperatures in the eastern US by nearly 10 degrees Fahrenheit by 2080.

The second most popular story of 2007 was heavy multivitamin use may be linked to advanced prostate cancer.

A National Cancer Institute study, led by Karen Lawson, found no link between multivitamin use and the risk of localized prostate cancer.

However, they did find an increased risk of advanced and fatal prostate cancer among men who used multivitamins more than seven times a week, compared with men who did not use multivitamins.

The link was strongest in men with a family history of prostate cancer and men who also took selenium, beta-carotene or zinc supplements.

The stories, identified by monitoring Web site traffic, also involved new theories involving matter and the speed of light, the discovery of a dinosaur species in Antarctica, and gender differences across a range of activities from the handling of anxiety to pornography use.

The list of 'EurekAlert! 10 Most Popular Stories in 2007':

1. NASA study suggests extreme summer warming in the future

2. Heavy multivitamin use may be linked to advanced prostate cancer

3. Antarctic temperatures disagree with climate model predictions

4. Girls who complain about their problems at greater risk of developing anxiety and depression

5. Smoking, low levels of education and glucose tolerance increase risk of rheumatoid arthritis

6. Noninvasive screening in early pregnancy reduces Down's births by 50 percent

7. Massive dinosaur discovered in Antarctica sheds light on life, distribution of sauropodomorphs

8. Have researchers found a new state of matter?

9. Light seems to defy its own speed limit

10. 1 in 3 boys heavy porn users, study shows

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