Radiation kick-start life on beach

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London, Jan 10 (UNI) It may be perplexing but according to a study life evolved on earth on a radioactive beach.

Radiation, which breaks chemical bonds and splits large molecules, is generally taken as an unlikely energy source to start life. However, it also provides crucial chemical energy which is essential to generate some of the basic building blocks of life.

The study, conducted by Washington University's astrobiologist Zachary Adam, on the basis of computer models said deposits could collect at a beach's high tide mark to trigger fission reactions.

On beach, powerful tides could lead to sifting and collection of radioactive material, which in turn generate the complex molecules needed for the evolution of carbon-based life forms likes of plants, animals and humans.

The new study reaffirms the theory developed by English geneticist JBS Haldane and Russian biochemist Alexander Oparin in 1920s, the Daily Telegraph reported quoting the New Scientist.

''Amino acids, sugars and soluble phosphate can all be produced simultaneously in a radioactive beach environment,'' Mr Adam said.

The scientist studied and found that deposit on beach could produce chemical energy to generate some of the molecules in water which produce key building blocks of life amino acids and sugars, when irradiated. It may also lead to release of soluble phosphate, essential for life.


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