Pound vs Rupee...Briton's annual pay last for 3 years in India

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London, Jan 10 (UNI) It may baffle some Indians who are looking at their country as the fastest growing economy.

The standard of living in Britain and the strength of sterling pound are still so high that a Briton's annual pay would last for almost three years in India.

According to a recent poll by HSBC, Britain is the third most expensive country in the world when it comes to maintaining a good standard of living.

Looking at how long a British income would last in a foreign country if Britons maintained the same standard of living there as they have been maintaining here, the study found the salary would last for nearly a year in Norway and France while in countries such as Peru, Egypt, Argentina and Costa Rica, it would run out more than two years later.

The money would last for more than 14 months in Germany, Australia and Ireland while in csae of the US and Spain, the time span is 15 months, the Daily Telegraph reported today.

Talking about the living standards of Britons, HSBC's Premier service head Enrique Roche said, ''Britons who live abroad, especially those who do so for only a few months each year, are often not willing to compromise on their standard of living.'' In Iran, the Britons can maintain the same standard of living for four years with their year's salary, the study noted.


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