World's first pacemaker to stop fainting fits invented by UK doctors

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London, Jan 9 (UNI) British doctors have invented a pacemaker which will revolutionise treatment of people who suffer from regular fainting episodes.

The new pacemaker 'Biotronik Cylos 990', offers a solution to people suffering from Syncope, commonly known as fainting by detecting subtle, early changes in the body's control systems and working to prevent the patient fainting.

Cardiologists at St Mary's Hospital, London, fitted the pacemaker in a 65-year-old man on Monday.

''This new device is an exciting development which should be very helpful to this patient,'' professor Richard Sutton from St Mary's said.

''This way of supporting pacemaker patients in their everyday lives is the future of cardiac device care, '' he added.

The pacemaker contains a chip linking it to a home monitoring system. Once a day, data from the pacemaker is sent to a transmitter in the patient's home and on to a secure information centre.

If any problem arise, the data from the pacemaker is e-mailed or sent by text message to the patient's care team so they can respond appropriately. The patient's cardiologist can also use the daily report in follow-up care, the Daily Mail reported.


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