Don't behave too well: Attend lesson plans for good manners

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London, Jan 9 (UNI) You thought you knew too well about how to mind your Ps and Qs, to follow table manners and behave correctly on road.

Britons have reason to reconsider whether they know the ABC of good manners or not.

Recent surveys from the Institute of Directors found that recent graduates displayed impoliteness and poor table manners, which could project a negative or unprofessional image.

The finding has prompoted Brighton College to put manners back on the curriculum.

During a year-long course, teenagers are taught everything from ironing, map-reading, boiling an egg to ballroom dancing and correct way to behave on public transport.

It is very important for students to have a grasp of basic etiquette so that their university and working lives become easier, the Daily Mail quoted headmaster Richard Cairns as saying.

From learning to set a table for a three-course dinner party to fold napkins and use cutlery correctly, such drawing a soup spoon away from the body, they also learn ways to tie a tie and tackle a bow-tie.

Sending and responding to invitations correctly is also part of the course, as is formal letter-writing.

A session on etiquette around the city touches on considerate use of pavements, including stepping aside for members of the public, assisting pensioners and giving up seats on buses and trains.


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