Madhya Pradesh villagers believe mythological Garuda has arrived!

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By Ram Chand Sahu

Lahori (Madhya Pradesh), Jan.8 : The recent sighting of an unidentified bird in Lahori Village near Bhopal has many villagers believing that it is the mythical bird Garuda.

Garuda, it is believed, was Lord Vishnu's vehicle.

Although the bird is yet to be identified by zoologists and ornithologists, it has become a cynosure of all eyes particularly with the devout Hindus.

"Its face and its beak are similar to Garuda," said Kamal Naagar, temple priest, Lahori Village.

Zoology experts contend that it may be one of the migratory birds.

"It is certainly not an owl since the beak of this bird differs from the face of an owl. They are different. It might be related to owl's family, but it's not an owl," said S.Shrivastava, a zoology professor at Bhopal.

"I have seen many zoos, but I have never come across this bird. It might be a migratory bird," Shirvastava added.

In another village of Madhya Pradesh, named Sonara, the same or similar bird was sighted along with three of its young ones.

The devout in Lahori, the Madhya Pradesh village, hope that Lord Vishnu may visit them, now that his 'vehicle' is there!

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