Kunal Organics revolutionizes textile sizing

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Ahmedabad, Jan 2 (UNI) Ahmedabad-based textile auxiliaries company Kunal Organics Pvt Limited (KOPL) has launched 'SizeCare series'--a revolutionary sizing solution for the textile industry.

KOPL Director Kunal Lekhadia said ''After its successful trials by our clients, we have introduced a ground breaking innovations of the most tedious process in the textile industry.'' Before threads can be woven into fabric, they must be 'sized', a process that adds a strengthening and smoothing coating to the thread.

Mr Lekhadia said ''We have devised a cheaper, faster, smaller, and more environmentally correct method for coating threads with size, one that replaces centuries-old technology.'' ''Size Care product has completed the basic trial test by our customers which included Arvind Mills, Raymond Denim and Mafatlal apart from other market leaders in France, Italy, Algeria, Brazil, Turkey and Dubai who have placed their orders for the product,'' he added.

A Polyamylomide Co-Polymer, Size Care series improves good weaving efficiency and warp flexibility which will be an eco-friendly textile sizing solution. Size care is a one shot size system and does away with the need for starch, wax, Polyvinyl Alcohol and binders in one clean sweep.

The size care would require less size in the machine and less water for clean up since it applies size more accurately.

Sizing -- the dipping-in-a-hot-chemical-bath stage of the traditional textile process -- allows threads to withstand all the friction and stretching and straining of weaving.

The size that soaks into the threads during this process is a solution of starch or polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)-- compounds that coat the threads for lubrication, smooth down any stray fibers, and strengthen the yarns. But the sizing compounds form a film around the yarn or individual fibres which increasing weight, luster and flexibility, he said.

Size Care also has a great potential in Jute Sizing. Jute yarn can be sized at room temperature as it does not require any cooking and does not contain PVA and starch. Since the sizing takes place at room temperature, boiler steam energy is not required to prepare the sizing solution, Mr Lekhadia added.


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