Dog lovers on run in Dubai as new year begins

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Dubai, Jan 2 (UNI) Anxious moments have come to haunt dog lovers in Dubai with the arrival of new year as their pets face seizure by municipality inspectors if they are found loitering in public places without a leash and a mask.

Earlier the municipality had issued a notice on November 28, last year branding as dangerous breeds like Doberman, Rottweiler, Husky, Tosa, Bull Terrier, American Pitt Bull Terrier, American Bull Dog, Miniature Bull Terrier, Argentinean Mastiff, Shar Pei, Old English Bull Dog etc as dangerous.

The civic body strictly prohibited these dogs in residential areas, public places, markets and shopping centres from January 1.

The notice cautioned that the municipality would seize the dogs after the lapse of the grace period. The notice had sparked protests from canine lovers, Khaleej Times reported.

''These dogs are not allowed in residential apartments. The order has been passed as we were getting a lot of complaints from the people residing in the residential apartments,'' head of the Veterinary Services Section in Dubai Municipality Hisham Fahmi said.

''People going for prayers had complained that these dogs were creating a lot of menace and dirt. Also, there were many cases of dog bites,'' he said.

If someone in a particular apartment complains about a dog it will be confiscated immediately as the rule has come into effect from yesterday.

''If a dog is taken in a public park or any public place, it should have a mask and a leash. The dog collar should have its registration number and the dog should have been vaccinated. The municipality would be strict if these regulations are not maintained,'' he added.

The rules allow people in the villas only one dog.

''Though we would not be visiting all the apartments for checks right now, complaint would be handled in a strict manner,'' added Mr Fahmi.


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