Major breach in Thermal Plant dyke averted

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Rupnagar, Jan 1 (UNI) A major breach in the southern stage-2 wet ash dyke of the Guru Gobind Singh Super Thermal Plant Rupnagar was averted following timely detection of leakage in the dyke this morning.

The leakage in the dyke was detected by a worker during routine checking of the dyke around 0830 hrs today. The water had also eroded some part of the dyke.

As a result of the leakage, a large amount of wet ash spread into the area between Ghanuali drain and the dyke. However, it did not spill over into the drain, which fall into the Sutlej some distance away.

On getting the information about the seepage, senior officials of the Thermal Plant rushed to the spot to take remedial measure and to stop further damage to the dyke.

The water inflow in to the leaking dyke, was immediately stopped and work to strengthen the dyke was started by the authorities.

Had the breach occurred in the dyke it could have caused a major ecological disaster as the wet ash of the dyke would have flown into the Sutlej through Ghanuali drain.

Breaches and leakage in the thermal plant dykes had occurred in the past. The place where the leakage occurred today was quite near to the site where a big breach had occurred some years back.

Deputy Chief Engineer(civil) S C Chabba said that cause of leakage in the dyke was being examined and remedial measures would be taken to avoid the reccurance of such incidents in future.


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